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Africa & Caricom Trade Corp delivers fluid import/export solutions to individuals, brands, charitable organisations, public, private, NGO’s and governmental entities.

We are based in Accra, Ghana, with strategic global offices in 1) London & Birmingham, UK, 2) Addis Ababa, East Africa and 3) Kingston, Jamaica – Our services are perfectly placed and tailored to meet your global import/export goals, whether they’re immediate or long-term.

Supplier Sourcing Made Easy

Effortless Global Sourcing: Finding it challenging to source products and materials globally?

  • Source products and materials from around the world effortlessly.
  • Let us do the legwork; we connect you with suppliers for a finders fee, hassle-free.

Dedicated Professional Team:  Struggling with unprofessional or unclear communications?

  • Let us interpret and engage the locals on your behalf. Leave confusing dialects, slangs, code words, custom languages to us
  • Let us barter locally and connect you with suppliers for a finders fee.
  • Employ a professionally adept team dedicated to your success, operating with professionalism.
  • Clear, transparent, and professionally documented communication.

Extensive Network for Sourcing:  Looking for rare or specific products but unsure where to start?

  • Our vast network ensures we can find anything you need.
  • Tap into our worldwide network to locate your perfect trading partner effortlessly.

Supplier Vetting and Costing:  Concerned about the financial stability and reliability of your suppliers?

  • Vetting your potential suppliers’ financial stability and production ability.
  • Assistance in costing your product from the supplier’s factory to your warehouse.
  • Advise on the most suitable Incoterm 2020 to purchase under.

Expert Guidance on Trade Terms:  Unsure which Incoterm 2020 to choose for your purchase?

  • Help with your initial communications with potential suppliers.
  • Help with negotiating contractual terms and conditions with your supplier.

Logistics and Shipping Assistance

Let us assist you to ship your product safely and on time. ACTC can assist with:

Simplification of paperwork:  Preparing Documentation, Certificates of Origin, and Combined C of O and Invoice. EUR1.

Dedicated 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock logistical support with your own dedicated team member.

Expert Guidance: Selection of your shipping options (air, sea, multi-modal) with confidence.

Hassle-free Packing:  Preparing your products for hassle-free shipping.  Export packing, including Hazardous cargo. 

Efficient & Strategic Warehousing: Access nationwide warehouse facilities and consolidation.

Inspection Support:  Organizing Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) at the port/place of export.

Prevention of Costly Delays: Help with documentation to avoid costly custom delays or costly returns.

Access to Competitive Shipping Rates:  Very competitive rates for Sea, Air, and Land shipments.

Compliant Shipping:  Secure and legal shipping of goods globally, on time.

Unlock International Markets

Expand Your Global Reach: Need help finding new buyers, off takers, and partners worldwide? Let us assist you in expanding your business by connecting you with potential buyers and partners across the globe.

Reach Beyond Borders: Wondering how to reach consumers beyond your home country’s borders? With our guidance and assistance, you can extend your business’s reach to consumers worldwide.

Identify International Markets: Struggling to identify international markets for your products? We can help you pinpoint high-potential markets where your products can thrive.

Craft Watertight Contracts: Worried about creating contracts that truly protect your interests? Allow us to assist you in drafting ironclad contracts with your buyers.

Strategic Product Positioning: Uncertain about how to position your products effectively, whether for sale, as stockist items, or on commission? Rely on our expert guidance to make the right strategic decisions.

Methods Of Payment In International Trade

Let us assist you (both the seller and/or the buyer) in navigating the complexities of trading under:

  1. Letters of Credit (L/C)
  2. Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)
  3. Bills of Exchange (B/E)
  4. Cash against Documents (Documentary Collection)

Expert guidance and assistance:

  • In making compliant presentation to the Bank to secure payment
  • In understanding the role of UCP 6000 in L/C and SBLC

Benefit from:

  • Step by Step Support
  • Hands free – our experts complete all the paperwork for you
  • Our experts will hold your hand through the entire process
  • Minimise and mitigate against payment risks
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